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Our immigration law firm is founded on the principle that the world is a better place when people in love can be together. We assist immigrants and their family members with all immigration matters including:

  • Green cards
  • Citizenship
  • Family petitions
  • Deportation Defense
  • U visas
  • Asylum


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It's stressful and hard enough to be separated from the ones you love. Don't allow Immigration Law to add to that burden. We have been where you are and want to help you. Let us help carry the weight of what life has thrown at you.

Stability. Time together.

The ability to plan your future.

That’s what most couples in love are seeking. But when one spouse is American and the other is from a foreign country (what we refer to as a “mixed-nationality” couple), achieving these goals can be frustratingly difficult.

The easy part was finding the love of your life – now it feels like the U.S. immigration system is working against you at every turn.

How We Can Help

How important is it to you to live in the United States? What are you going to do if your foreign born fiance(e) or spouse can’t stay here with you? How does the stress of your immigration situation affect your relationship?

We know that resolving your immigration issue is one of the MOST important issues you face as a mixed-nationality couple. Without that, you may not even be able to stay together.

That’s why everything our firm does is designed to help married and engaged couples and their families feel as comfortable as possible while we help them reach their ultimate immigration goal, whatever that may be. For most mixed-nationality couples, their goal is for the foreign born spouse to become a permanent resident (“green card” holder) and maybe eventually a citizen.

So what is your goal? Do you need to:

  • Fix your spouse’s legal status?
  • Bring your fiance(e) from abroad?
  • Get a green card for your spouse?
  • Remove conditions on a green card?
  • … or deal with some other marriage immigration law issue?

Please don’t waste another minute of your precious life googling “How can I get a green card for my husband?” or “Do I need an I-601A or I-601 waiver?” Let us take that burden from you.

The first step is to contact us for a free case review. Or, if you aren’t quite ready… check out our free information to learn more about the spouse petition and marriage immigration process.


We know the pain of the immigration system and understands the complexities of U.S. immigration law. Our team of attorneys and staff fights to keep immigrant families together.


If you are engaged to or married to a foreigner, you want to get them permanent resident status in the United States as soon as possible. Living apart from your loved ones or living in fear of deportation is no way to live life. Let us help you!


The process to getting your green card is complex and often difficult. We can help you decided on the best strategy for your situation and help you gather, prepare and file the needed paperwork as well as be your advocate through the process.