Our Work in the Community

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of families that are separated by the immigration system. This is the tragic reality of our country’s current immigration policies. Helping immigrant families stay together is more to us than a business – it’s our mission. And we fulfill this mission in several different ways:

Representation of Clients. As a law firm, our primary means of helping immigrants is by representing them in their immigration cases. We help one family at a time to give them their best chance to achieve their immigration goals.

Influencing Policy. We strongly support comprehensive immigration reform, and we know that favorable changes in immigration law will help many more families at one time than what we can personally represent. Clare has lobbied Congress on behalf of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and worked in opposition to anti-immigrant legislation in Indiana.

Community Education. Immigrants are best able to protect themselves when they understand the immigration laws. We work with local community groups and the media to educate individuals about immigration issues. Clare has written a book about immigration law for couples, and has appeared multiple times on Telemundo to provide legal information. Each year she also gives many presentations at community groups, schools, churches, and not-for-profit organizations. If you would like Clare to visit your group or organization to give a presentation, contact us through this website. 

Topics can be tailored to any group, but common requests are:

  • Getting a green card through marriage
  • Overview of the US Immigration system
  • Waivers
  • Immigration 101 for Non-Immigration Lawyers
  • Most common ways undocumented immigrants can legalize their status
  • Crime victim visas
  • Working with immigrant clients/patients

Schedule a Presentation

We are happy to visit your group or organization to give a free presentation about immigration law in English or Spanish.

Please send us your information so we can contact you to set a date.