Marriage Immigration Options

Bring Your Spouse to the United States

Are you married or engaged to a foreigner? Like most couples, you probably have questions about the overall green card process.

Google can be a great starting point, but there is no good substitute for a personal case review with a good immigration lawyer. As you will find out as you do your research, there are multiple options to getting a green card through marriage but there are also many potential issues that will keep you from getting it.

We will provide you with information about the most common routes that couples take to get green cards, who qualifies for each option, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We highly recommend that you start the process to receive a free case review by one of the attorneys at our office.

Immigration Options for Mix-Nationality Couples

If you are already married and your spouse is abroad or in the US and you want to live together in the US, you should look into either the K-3 Visa or Consular Processing.

K-3 Visa & Consular Processing

The K-3 Visa is similar to the K-1 Visa because it gives you a way to come to the United States and finish the process of becoming a permanent resident inside the United States.

Consular Processing is the process of completing the permanent resident process outside of the United States, instead of having to get a temporary visa. The benefits is that fewer steps are involved. Also, your spouse will be able to start working immediately when he or she arrives instead of having to wait to go through another process.

One of the factors in your decision about which process to go through can be how quickly K-3 visa petitions are being processed versus consular processing cases. The best thing to do is to work with an immigration lawyer who will be able to tell you what the current immigration timelines have been and suggest the best option for you depending on your specific situation.

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