Fiancé, Marriage & Family Visas

Your loved ones belong at your side, but getting them a green card can be difficult. We can help you.

Whether they are living outside of the U.S. or are here without paperwork, we can help you choose the best route to a green card for your situation and will walk with you through the immigration process.

Living apart from your loved ones or living in fear of deportation is no way to live life. Let us help you!

Bring Your Family Together

Engaged Couples

Love is always complicated, but it can be even more so when your fiancé is from another country! We help couples decide which route to a green card makes the most sense in their individual situation and then help them through the immigration process.

Married Couples

Have you been living abroad and recently realized that you want to settle in the U.S.? Or maybe you are already living in the U.S. and have put off filing for immigration benefits because you are not sure whether your immigrant spouse even qualifies for a green card. We help families build their lives together in the U.S. Let us analyze your case and help you through the process.

Petition for Parent, Child, or Sibling

It can be difficult to live apart from family members who are still abroad. We can help you bring them over to be with you in the U.S. Some categories of family members currently have waits of many years, so we recommend getting them in line as soon as you start considering having them come over.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

If you are an undocumented young adult who was brought here as a child, you might qualify to take advantage of this great opportunity to receive a work permit. Let us help you take the first step to really starting to live the American Dream. In some cases, obtaining DACA can give you an easier route to becoming a permanent resident through a family member's petition.